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One-of-a-Kind upcycled Wool Shoes Booties size 5.5 (12-18 months)

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Nooks Design felted wool booties are created for comfort and style for your little one’s growing feet.

Each pair of booties are one of a kind and made in Canada with 100% upcycled wool.

The outer sole is made of rugged hide leather soles that provide slip resistance when worn indoors on laminate wood or tiled surfaces and are durable enough to be used outdoors in dry conditions.

What Size Should I Get?

Have your child stand on a flat surface on a piece of paper and mark the tip of the longest toe and the back of the heel; measure and add ½” for growing room.  Refer to the sizing chart below to find the corresponding size. If the measurement is within ¼”, go up a size. Nooks Design booties will stretch and mould to the foot after a few hours of wear.

Sizing Chart 2019

Is Wool Going To Be Scratchy?

The felting process involves applying warm water, soap and friction to the knit wool to have the wool fibers intertwine to create a material that has structural integrity and strength. The stray ends get tucked back into themselves which results in a soft and smooth surface that does not scratch or irritate the skin. If your child is very sensitive to wool fibers or suffers from eczema, it may be best to only wear our booties with socks.

Good For Babies Learning To Walk?

Yes! We created the first pair in response to a need for a stylish, comfortable and soft sole shoe that would be ideal for our baby to learn to walk in. There is a growing body of research in the international pediatrics community that supports having babies walk either barefoot or in soft sole shoes to encourage balance, posture and coordination. As children grow, they develop muscle strength through adapting to the changing contours of the ground they walk on.


Chubby Feet, Thick Ankles, Wide Feet?

One of the great things about using felted natural wool to make our booties is that they will stretch and relax to comfortably fit a very wide range of foot sizes and shapes. If you have manually stretched the wool and leather as we show in our instructional videos and there are still some tight spots, dampen the booties and have your little one wear them for an hour; the pressure and warmth of their foot will make them fit well.

Washing instructions:  Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.