Made in Africa Fair Trade Carousel Dress -baby and toddler sizes


 Carousel Dress - Chroma, Sky Blue - Organic Cotton


Two panel gathered skirt

100% organic cotton


“Fair trade” means that an equitable partnership exists between producers of goods in developing countries and retailers in developed countries. The fair trade approach supports a variety of social business practices that advocate for higher standards in regards to producers’ pay, work atmosphere and environmental protection, among others. Fair trade partnerships work to provide otherwise marginalized artisans and farmers with a living wage.


Matilda Mills, a Global Mama since 2010

Matilda became a seamstress because she wanted to express her independent style. She joined Global Mamas in January 2010, after founding her business two years before. Matilda now employs one worker and two apprentices. With the income she earns from her dressmaking shop she supports her parents and five siblings. Matilda enjoys singing in her free time. She dreams of being a "big womanTo her customers who are wearing her masterpieces, Elizabeth urges you to “Keep on wearing the African way!”