Feelings, Emotions Peg Doll Set Spanish/English

Does your child have strong emotions?! Most do, yet find it difficult to communicate how they or others are feeling. This cute set of 6 colorful hand painted wooden dolls labeled with feelings/emotions in Spanish and English Feelings include: Happy - Feliz Sad - Triste Love. - Amor Tired - Cansado Surprised - Sorprendido Angry - Enojado The perfect tool to validate and teach your little ones about feelings which is essential to create a good self esteem. They are also therapeutic, calming and interactive. Set of 6 peg dolls comes with 6 matching wooden disks with the feeling word etched in to create a deeper learning and playing experience for your child. Pegs dolls are made of: - Pinewood - Painted with .... and covered with a non toxic water lacquer.