Camp Slumberkins 2021 - Growth Mindset "Under the Sea"

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Join our friend, Bigfoot, as he jumps feet first into learning about Growth Mindset with Camp Slumberkins.

This year Bigfoot goes 'Under the Sea' to join his 4 mini friends; Narwhal, Crab, Jellyfish, and Manta Ray on adventures that teach him how to see challenges as opportunities.


Camp Slumberkins provides 4 weeks of learning through interactive play! Featuring a new Under the Sea hardcover book, 20+ skill-building activities, a canvas map with completion badges, and a prize to celebrate your camper's mastery of the 4 major lessons.



This set also comes with a Parent Resource Guide to help caregivers and educators guide their campers through the interactive program.

Camp Box includes: Under The Sea Hardcover Book, Bigfoot Kin with detachable swim accessories, 4 Mini creatures: Narwhal, Crab, Jellyfish, & Manta Ray, 4 Activity card decks, Parent resource guide, Canvas map with detachable badges. Camp completion prize,  bracelet, Access to additional digital content. 


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